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• Background

The first twinning project was launched in May 1998 as one of the primary EU tools for institution building, with the aim of providing assistance to the beneficiary country through modernization and reorganization of its public administration, human resources development, as well as harmonization of legislation and provisions of the acquis of the EU.

In order to face this challenge, the EU has devised Twining as an instrument of administrative cooperation between public administration of beneficiary countries and institutions of the EU Member States with the aim of assisting and transferring knowledge related to application and implementation of the acquis of the European Union.

• Basic information on the project

The overall objective of the EU-funded Twinning Project “Strengthening of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of the Republic of Moldova as regulatory agency in the field of medicines, medical devices and pharmaceutical activity” is full and correct implementation of the EU acquis in the area of medicinal products and medical devices and preparation of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of the Republic of Moldova (“MMDA“) for joining the EU regulatory agencies network as an equal partner.

The EU-funded Project will be implemented over a 24 months period (starting from January, 2017). The main purpose this EU-funded project worth 1 100 000 EUR is to strengthen the functioning of the MMDA with regards to medicinal products manufacturing, marketing, pharmacovigilance, distribution and pricing and medical devices in scope of market supervision, vigilance and registration as well as to clinical trials and pharmaceutical activity.

The completion of this EU-funded Project should deliver the MMDA with capacities at the same level as peer institutions in the EU Member States and should allow patients to benefit from safer, better quality and more effective medicinal products and medical devices.



Atribuțiile AMDM de coordonare a procesului de aprovizionare cu medicamente a spitalelor vor fi preluate de Centrul pentru achiziții publice centralizate în sănătate.


   Curs de instruire cu tema ”GРP. Reguli de bună practică de farmacie”


        Lipsa unor produse farmaceutice din țară, discutată de AMDM și distribuitorii de medicamente

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